Empowering One Woman at a Time..


Who are “Local Women”? Local Women is a fair trade textile and handicraft collective in Kathmandu, Nepal. We focus on empowering and educating disadvantaged/marginalized women using sustainable methods. All our products are ethically produced, providing fair wages and working conditions for the women who make them. Our social Business programs seek to uplift women, their children and their communities.

What is Local Women’s Social Business Model? Each woman who participates in our training program for 6 , 12 to 18 months.  Women have a choice of which skills they want to pursue. These skills include but not limited to design, sewing, weaving, embroidery, knitting, jewelry making and pattern work. While in training each woman receives a stipend. Through a dedicated and passionate team LWH has been able to establish a safe community which have trained and employed hundreds of women. With these new skills, a stipend and 12 months in a safe community, they are empowered to progress in their lives.

The Local Woman’s Vision

  • Expand its Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment model to train women in the world’s poorest regions for economic sustainability

  • Establish a social business partnership with other local Nepali entrepreneurs.

  • Spread anti-sweatshop awareness and educate consumers about fair trade principles.

  • Empower 10,000 marginalized women by 2020.

LWH is in need of

1. International wholesale Administrator.

2. International Marketing Administrator.

Local women looking for people who are very passionate about our work who can feel joy, action,integrity,sustainability and creativity to participate on fallowing roles.

By joining this team work you will gain valuable insight into the operations of a social enterprise, and help improve the lives of Nepalis who have been exploited, and be the part of change. please contact further to know how it works Email:localwomenshandicrafts@gmail.com