On Honesty...

Today a Nepali man came to the store offering to buy 1,000 scarves. He wanted to place a 'Made in Nepal' label on them to sell to another buyer as 'locally handcrafted.'  I explained that this particular item in our shop was not made here, but made in China. Given our desperate need of funds, I could easily be swayed by this offer. But there is so much injustice and lying involved in this: the poor workers in China are being dishonoured, the people in Nepal making truly local pieces are being dishonoured, and even the tourists trying to buy local are being dishonoured, paying an inflated price to profit a greedy middle man. The true labourer is not being compensated fairly. Needless to say, I refused, and continue to hope that one day the high up buyers will take it upon themselves to find out if the 'Nepalese' products they purchase are indeed made in Nepal. Sadly, there continues to be so much dishonesty.

Some good news to update on the land: We are able to access more of our funding, giving us new hope. Money that I was expecting to take much longer to come in will soon arrive. I would also like to say a very special thank you to Diana Brugos for generously donating to our project. You are right, every little bit counts. I hope that it is not just through my words but my service to other women that you feel my gratitude!

Also, thank you to Lauren Kaljur for helping us share the stories and progress on our website. What a wonderful surprise to have you show up so willing to help! I look forward to our relationship continuing to grow. Namaste.