combine your christmas present with a good cause.

Hello hello to everyone around the world!

We are in urgent need of some donations, and we have created Christmas parcels of different sizes - see attachments for the donation give away's. Please read the following to get a better idea, and please forward it to your friends!

Local women’s handicrafts (LWH) is a Fair Trade women’s sewing collective in Nepal, dedicated to the radical advancement, support and education of women’s rights in Nepali society.

We currently employ 22 disadvantaged women who fled their homes, are widowed, or left by their husbands. We also emphasize on employing young women who came to Kathmandu to study but lack the necessary finances – being aware that it is these educated women who are going to change the future.

Almost every week a women comes to us begging for a job, but we have to turn them away. 

We do not want to turn a single woman away who is in genuine and urgent need of help, money, independence, and a livelihood. 

In June 2014 we started to build an extended working and living space in a quiet village area 20mins out of Kathmandu. Our aim is to provide education and job opportunities for 1000 women and more. The total costs for this building is approximately $65000. A strong determination to empower Nepal’s women, and the support from our friends from all over the world are slowly making this possible – but we need YOUR help as well. 

We have created Christmas parcels, each containing a variety of handmade items from our local women’s group. We are offering different sized parcels for a donation of $30 (USD), $50 or $100. (including shipping costs). We do have a PayPal account. 

The items we will mail to you will be perfect little Christmas presents for your loved ones – why not this year combine thinking of your loved ones with thinking of those in the world who are less lucky than us? So much of what we gift today has been created through pain and disenfranchisement of the underprivileged: let this year be the year that we give items created by and for the reproduction and reclaiming of LOVE.

Have a look at the different parcels – colours and design may vary, but please tell us your favourite colours!

We look forward to hearing from you:) 

Katu Lama and the local women




Please forward this message to your friends and family (but not those you want to surprise with little LWH-gifts for christmas:) )