Flying away

Some wonderful news to share . I have been gifted an amazing offering from LWH supporters Roger and River. The offering is a trip to Bali , Indonesia. 

When they first told me, I was hesitant and confused ... How to accept such a momentous gift ? Could it really be true ? While I've always dreamed of seeing a different part of this world, it is still an intimidating journey . After discussing it with close friends and letting the master problem solver - time - pass, I decided I must take this opportunity .

This will be my first ever flight .

I still remember when I was young in my village , watching in awe as the aeroplane was flying so high , I could never have imagined that one day I would be inside one . How far away I was from knowing my future life gifts ! 

It is hard to express how huge this is for me. These kinds of experiences remind me that nothing is impossible - we humans can truly soar! I've learned that the key is to follow your heart. If I had sacrificed my heart for the sake of a forced marriage , I would never be where I am right now . By being ready to enjoy every bit of our lives , by taking all the necessary risks and moving forward , anything is possible . I am completely in love with this life and I wish all human beings could be enjoying it to the fullest. Gifts come In many shapes and forms , and life is one of them . If only we could all have the freedom to love and honour ourselves so completely that we had plenty to share. Imagine what gifts would come from this endless supply of extra love spread around ! I feel in my heart that this is the best way to live , and my wish is for us all to have the strength to live like this. 

When my friend Roger sent me the email of the ticket, I ran to my upstairs room to tell everyone about this news . My friend Katrin was a little sad and sitting in floor, so I didn't share my good news .I asked her what had happened. She replied that someone had stolen her bicycle, and she felt a little bit upset. We all decided it was necessary to let it go, it is gone now.

I then saw my sister and the women working . I was suddenly filled with emotion. How is it that I can fly alone when my women cannot ? They all deserve this same opportunity , it is so unfair.

Later when I told kathrin that I was offered this ticket to Bali, she lit up with happiness. Everyone was so happy for me .

Kathrin then looked at me a a asked why now I looked so sad   ? I told her what was on my mind . That I felt privileged and wished the same opportunities for all who deserved it .I told her I believe in miracles and on wishing, so we decided to make a wish.  I want to take everyone with me.

From now until January 15th if I do business of $10000 I will put this money towards my dream . While dreams like this seem crazy , Life has taught me that even the unimagined is possible . I must continue to dream and trust in the potential of life ! I have made the commitment to put any extra money towards taking the women one by one . Everyone should have the chance to see the world . One dollar at a time , I will work towards it.

I am so thankful for the offerings that give me these deep insights and feelings of life . I wish for more businesses in this world that seek to support everyone, honour the life within all of us, and seek to grow and share the love within and without . Happy New Year and dream big  !