First time in the sky.

Lots of mixed awkward feelings yet interesting encounters engaged with first time in the sky, and what followed. 

I hear and see airplanes fly over Kathmandu daily.  To me, they are closer to angel-like because they have wings, and I do not, obviously.  Thanks to a sponsored trip from Offering based in the US, I received the chance to be on plane for the first time, to travel overseas for the first time, to see the ocean for the first time, and many more first time witnessing and experience. 

It all began with first time in the sky, from Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport and proceeded to destination, Bali Island of Indonesia.  I was already over excited and nervous even prior to boarding the cab for airport.  That was, when I first received the electronic air ticket from Offering ; I was going to fly and travel, at last!  While normally, I am not a fan of science, however, the moment I stepped into the airplane and the second it soared into the sky, I was amused.  Science is incredible, it invented unfavorable destruction towards certain nature yet it also shaped the conveniences of sky travel.  I must admit I began to enjoy the sweets created by science!  As the plane soared high, I was in the sky, and ‘wow’, I repeated in the mind.  Not certain the right words to express this amazing feeling, and surprisingly, I managed to sleep with the excitement remained in my dreaming.

I wish I had the entire LWH team with me on this overseas trip, and someday, within my capability, I aim to make it happen.  I desire for my ladies to receive the opportunity to learn via experiencing the exciting unknowns and differences at overseas.  It is not about leveling myself or them to have the travel leisure, but learning to be humble and tolerant towards those and the society whom much differed from us.  That, in fact, was a test while I was in Bali. 

In my culture, there is very little chance to witness individuals presenting themselves with less modest dressing.  But in Bali, being one of the top beach vacation spots on the globe, such sight is inevitable.  It is an island, after all, and there are beaches, nothing strange about individuals in comfort with their swimsuits and even bikinis on.  If I was to dress like how I usually do in Nepal, even if I do not suffer from weird stares, the heated temperature would have knocked me down regardless!  Initially, I was somewhat emotionally judgmental aimed at cultural shock.  I, then, realized, shamed on me for thinking problematic – why mind the differences and why not be tolerant.  To dress or not to dress is an individual right and freedom.   I reminded myself that I love to travel because I want to see how the world operates, and differences to be witnessed are expected! 

We accumulate humbleness as we see and encounter further, and this well applied when I saw the grand sea before me at Bali.  It was my first time to eye capture the vast amount of water horizontally and vertically, and the ships of small and big.  Ocean is just as grand as the Himalayas back at home, I mumbled!  I see the grand snow-capped mountain range from distant in Kathmandu, and I am aware if I am to approach them closer, I would not be qualified to even be elf when stand with them side by side.  It is a cliché to say so humans are tiny before the nature, yet modesty towards it appeared to be skipped in modern days.  Again, it came to my mind that we need to protect our nature more than the attempt to control me.  While I enjoyed the wonder and magnificent view of the sea, concurrently, it was teaching me to be humble.  I am not to contribute to destruction of the beautiful shore and sea, and this applies to the nature in my country, too.  Needless to say, I am against litter, and nature damaging behavior.   Embarrassingly to say, these ill social behaviors have yet to become slim in Nepal.

Many first times on this trip, it was an amazing outdoor classroom.  I missed the trip the moment I landed in Tribhuvan International Airport.  On the other hand, the moment I arrived at Bali, homesickness attacked me.  I missed my friends, and tears spread on my face!  Another first time from this trip was returning alone on flight returns to Nepal, I had never traveled on the road on my own, not even in my own country.  Although I was sad to bid farewell to friends at Bali, for the gathering was amazingly great, I managed to fly alone without fear, and at the end, I was proud I achieved it.  It was hilarious, and warm-hearted, during flights and transit in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, respectively.   I thought I had locked myself in the washroom while relieving myself from nature’s call on the plane.  “Oh my goodness!”, I panicked, and madly, knocked, pressed and twisted any buttons and handles to get myself out.  Yes, I got released without anyone to come to my rescue, and I laughed out loud for this ridicule I self placed.  My heart was warmed in puzzling when a stranger suddenly offered to pay my bill for the gifts I bought for friends at Kuala Lumpur Airport.  It was too good to be true but it occurred.

First time in the sky enlighten me plentifully, and strengthened my love to travel more in the future.  With the best company, Roger, River, Ben and Lindsay, anyone could have, came with abundant laughter anyone to light my first times, I thank, again, to Offering Company for the treat.  The first time overseas has served as the ultimate outdoor classroom, and I have come to appreciate science and nature more.  A toast to the many first times within this first time!