Dreams turns into live..

Today is a major turning point in my life.  We are multifold steps closer to achieving the LWH dream!  Witnesses include the women of LWH, and friends, whom gathered at the opening of LWH house located in outskirt village of Kathmandu.  It was a beautiful sunny day, a wonderful timing for the opening. 

Two rooms are set to go in the new LWH; the rest remains in progress.  Full completion is targeted for within the next year.  Patience pays off, and the perfect example sets instant before our eyes!  We decorated our first ready to use room, by having the sewing machines in place and tied with balloons to signify their rebirths.  The women made the first crafts at this new LWH, on its open deck under the gentle sun.  This open deck will be topped with upper floor, to increase the additional working space and storage for LWH.  I target to provide opportunities to more ladies for their skill practice.  The thought of it excites me lots!     

LWH, at last, has its independence – a house of its own, and detached from rental in the city.  Solely the shop remains in city, while the factory and cutting room have been relocated to the new LWH.  As we set up the factory and cutting room, many recollections surfed in my mind.  I recalled the inspirations behind establishing LWH, and the struggles on this long path.  The journey appeared impossible initially, yet I insisted on to be true to myself, and the world responded positively in most cases.  Every step is a lesson, and I was prepared to take challenges.  I am well aware without it, life is motivated barely an inch ahead.    In times of desperate needs, somehow, somewhere and someone gave me a hand.  The outcome was, unexpectedly, as of a leap ten steps forward in touching the goal.  Generous supports, encouragement, love and even the simplicity in kindness, pump and guide me and LWH forward with minimum tripping.  I am constantly amazed by this beauty resulted from persistence on completing what seemingly was zero solution in the beginning.  Our shop and factory were repeatedly endangered of shutting down due to minimal understanding from the landlord on the intention behind LWH, and threat of raise in rental cost kept us on nerve line.  Yet from today on, we no longer need to face this adversity, LWH has its own home to sustain its creativity and crafting.  We look forward to presenting more to customers and to inspire individuals!

While some recollections of the past still bite emotionally, and I feel sadden by the problematic gender issues prevail in my society, I pray that the existence of LWH inspires individuals to contemplate and execute what is honorable and fair.  I am neither a feminist fighter nor aggressor, but a female standing up for fundamental gender rights, and providing work and skill opportunities to disadvantaged women.  Though receiving academic education has become more common than generation before in this country, yet the aspect of social education requires much design and upgrade.  LWH stands, too, for this mission, to educate women to acquire practical skills and transform into a method of sustainable living.

I recalled prior to entering teen years, I first presented myself to Kathmandu.  It was a cultural shock; it took me two months before I could push myself to stare out the window without feeling awkward.  Due to the social atmosphere of which I was accustomed to from my home village, the public scene of young and old making frequent appearance was unimaginable.  This collapsed when I saw Kathmandu, and I realized females have just much right to be integrated into the real world.  With this image, it ignited me to have a dream and join the world outside of village. Today, this dream is many partially fulfilled but remains ongoing.  The new LWH signifies not merely a new era, a rebirth, and independence but a bright future with many dreams aim to turn from hopes to plans, and to live action and living.

In live and written words, our gratitude to everyone for their support never comes to end.  Repeatedly I said to myself and to our women that our living dream is possible because of the global friendship and generosity.  We deeply appreciate and cherish this heavenly present!  As we looked at the new LWH, it is one of the wonders whom friends and the world have given us. 

We invite you to come visit our new home, and share the excitement!