Ive been able to get thru to Nasreen a few times since I posted last. She has focused her time on making sure the women of LWH are taken care of. I was happy to hear that Parbati and her daughter Osika have been accounted for now along with most of the other women of LWH. I was heart broken to hear that most all of them are homeless now, some have serious injury’s (broken arm, broken back) and some have lost loved ones. 

The group from LWH had spent the first few days after the quake getting out to Goldhunga and getting people safe and settled at the LWH building. They all worked on cleaning up the collapsed divider wall and also tried to cope mentally with what has happened to them all the while with continuing after shocks happening. As of last night Nasreen told me they are still experiencing disturbing after shocks from the quake that really puts everyone on edge.

She spoke of how traumatizing this event is to everyone, and how much devastation has occurred, it has just been impossible to take in. She has also spoke of the beauty that can come out of such a tragedy in the forms of many things. She told me that there are huge groups of 10 or more families getting together to cook meals and share the food they have, and also share human connection. Without the use of power or wifi everyone has really relied on word of mouth and sharing with each other the good and bad news. The lines that divide the caste system in Nepal and also between rich and poor are starting to disappear as everyone sees they are all destitute and need to rely on one another. I hear the warmth in her voice when she she speaks of these things but I also hear the cold distant feeling she has when talking about how overwhelming the situation is and how dire the need for aid has become.

For awhile I think the LWH group was scared and trying to stay still in GD to take care of their family and friends. Now I can tell as they have slowly ventured out to talk with others as they have been emotionally affected and moved to help where they can. We spoke about how we could create a system of direct support for the people in need of the village. Currently Nasreen and the women of LWH have taken on the job of aid out reach, they are using the new LWH building in GD as a home base. They are venturing out in groups going home to home to help each person they see. They have been taking down their personal information, photographs and contact info. The LWH site is now set up to receive donations, these donations go straight to supporting LWH’s aid work on the ground in Nepal. We were going to try and post profiles of each family online with an amount needed, but reception is very spotty and Nasreen feels she cant take time to upload the info because she is needed in every moment. She said that all the information is being recorded and she will upload when she can and it will be posted on the LWH blog. There seems to be no time to get the needs of each family right now because it is obvious that food and water are the only needs to be focused on at this point.

If you know Nasreen and LWH, you can support the type of human rights work their hearts are tied to, and this is the time to do it. In a tragedy like this LWH can be really affective at bringing direct relief and support to people that are currently not getting this. Being able to see photos and video online is nothing to the experience of being there and this is the best way you can put your energy with people on the front lines and connect with other human beings in need.

I have attached the photos she has been able to send

Thank you all so much for the energy everyone is directing to Nepal, Nasreen and LWH feels every bit of your support and is doing the best at acting as a channel for this energy.

more updates again soon