Nasreen and the women of LWH have started to receive the donations that have come in from all around the world in support of the Aid work they have taken on in Nepal. THANK YOU!

The group has been going from village to village checking on each family and prioritizing their needs. Aside from the cases of physical injury the most needed thing at this point is food and water. Nasreen has directed the donated funds to assessing the size of each family in need and giving them a 10 day food aid package. In addition to food she has also purchased some sleeping mats and some other comforts to ease outdoor living. As of now most people are living in tents and cooking meals together she said and that some volunteers from LWH have been taking people to the hospital for care also. 

The Nepali government has taken it upon them selves to seize any deposits for Aid directly from the bank accounts of the people under the guise that all funds are to be directed to a government managing system and distributed how they see fit. Considering Nepals longstanding history with government corruption it is hard to believe that these seized funds will be appropriately distributed. Offerings and LWH have set up a system that circumvents the ability of any donations being seized by the government and insures the accountability for these donations reaching the people directly affected. For any questions about this system please feel free to contact me directly. 

Out of the stories that have been coming in Nasreen has consistently reinforced her perception of the gift she has been given with this experience. She is continually in gratitude for the help and support she has been able to direct to people in need, while also allowing LWH to grow its reputation in the village as a business that supports human rights. She told me that one of her workers had broken her back in the earthquake and is paralyzed, they had also found out she is pregnant and are eagerly trying to help her. The village they visited yesterday saw 9 deaths from the quake, and they were very honest with their needs, never asking for more than what can get them by for a short time.

The LWH shop in Poknajol outside of Thamel and Nasreens apartment upstairs have been declared condemned and unsafe. They are seeking a second opinion at this time but from the photos coming in it seems this may be the end to that shop. They are waiting for the 2nd evaluation and I will update as soon as I hear. Currently they have moved everything from the shop and apartment out to the building in Goldhunga so they can continue focusing on the aid work they are doing.

Anyone can donate directly to the LWH website ( in confidence that not only will these donations go directly to ones in need, but also these funds will not be seized by the Nepali government.

Thank you again for all your continued support