Local Women's Handicrafts new Kaftans turning heads around the world

A few months ago Local Women’s Handicrafts launched a new product to help expand our production, our impact and share the stories of our amazing women with the wider world. 

In collaboration with one of our volunteers from Australia, Bianca Caruana, we developed a new Kaftan range that would launch in Australia early September. Collectively we believed that these light, elegant garments would be a perfect fit for the warm Australian climate, and appeal to women of all ages.


We also knew that our Kaftans would have one significant difference to others in the market - the fact that they are fairly and ethically produced. Transparency and accountability is where we thrive to be different. Those of you who know our mission and values would know that everything we do, we do for humanity. Every stitch tells a story and the women behind the clothes we make have all had their lives transformed through both opportunity and connectivity. 

The Kaftans are made here in our centre from silk with many of the materials sourced from recycled saris, to continue our commitment to environmental sustainability. 

We aim to empower the women of Nepal and furthermore empower women throughout the globe. While the road is long, we make small steps every day to play our part in social change. 

So this endeavour is one of those small steps and we hope to grow the production of these Kaftans. Even the women themselves have taken a fancy to them, modelling around the centre in the colourful garments.

Back in Australia, Bianca had a photoshoot for the range and below you can see some of the images. We joked about how the images looked like they were taken for Vogue Magazine, although deep down we knew that it would be a dream for us! Imagine the day when fair trade goes mainstream and LWH could produce enough to help not only hundreds, but thousands of women here in Nepal and around the world?

That is our dream. 

If you'd like to order some Kaftans and start a market of your own contact us through our website or Facebook. If you happen to be in Sydney you can follow The Fair Kaftan on Instagram and purchase some of our fair trade Kaftans at local market stalls throughout the summer. 

We're so excited about this new launch and can't wait to see where it will take us.