School Boys Donated their lunch money to buy sanitary pads for girls

Today is World Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Day, a day to raise awareness of the challenges women and girls worldwide to face due to their menstruation, and highlight solutions that address these challenges.

While periods might seem like normal natural things in the many western worlds and Europe, in developing nations such as Nepal and India menstruation is still taboo, and something that many girls are made to feel ashamed of. In fact, 1 in 5 girls in Nepal will miss school because of their periods, being too worried and embarrassed to attend school during that time of the month.

Local Women’s Handicrafts reaching out to communities rural school and we held a workshop where women and girls and boys they all get together and we teach them all the positive impact of menstruation, We have graphic book which talks all the details with image so it is very easy for the students and rural women to understand visually we also draw a lot of illustration and make people understand, after the theory class we show them the reusable sanitary pads which are made by anti fungal anti bacterial and waterproof fabrics which are made in our learning center by disadvantage women,

We teach them how these reusable pads are beneficial for not only to have every girl to go to school but how these pads are decomposable and protect our planet from being polluted and whereas plastic pads take 800 years to decompose.  We see the change happening in the class in 30 mins, in The beginning, all the students are so shy and embarrassed even hearing about menstruation word  but after a while the whole class gets comfortable and their mind soul and all the conscious gets change with information and having those pads gets them reminded to not forget, So far LWH has distributed more than 6000 Sanitary pads. Just recently we have made 2000 pads and distributed in Terai region.

One of the stories that we would like to share with you today is from the boys of Shree Secondary School, Maruwa in Katari Municipality-4 of Udayapur have done something that has raised a lot of eyebrows.


They have been collecting a portion of their lunch money to purchase sanitary pads for girls to use during menstruation. "There are more than 600 students in the school and all of them collect some portion of their lunch money and put it in the donation box every month," said Shyam Prasad Dahal, a teacher, adding, "That money is used for buying sanitary pads, soaps, and other cleaning items required during menstruation."

Kopila Raut, secretary of a local children's club, informed that the male students do this to help their female friends. "But this is not practiced in nearby schools," she said.

She further informed that these days’ students also participate in discussions related to reproductive health. In order to make sure that no girl misses her school during periods, most of the schools in Udayapur have launched Menstrual Hygiene Management Program. The main purpose of this program is to free the girls from the problems they have to deal with during periods.

This campaign has helped eliminate the hush-hush attitude regarding menstruation and made it a topic of open discussion. "Not just the students but even we female teachers had to suffer a lot during menstruation but no more, thanks to the changed perspective," said Urmila Khadka, adding, "This has also improved the attendance of girls."

According to Narayan Prasad Adhikari, principal of the school, earlier the fear of stain compelled girls to skip their classes for five days during periods but now they attend their classes despite menstruation. The school has also constructed a girls-friendly toilet for them. Sourced by Republica.

This program should be extended to other parts of the district as well so please sponsor our mensuration project and become part of the change that you want to see in Nepal, In 2018 none of the girls should miss the school due to her periods.