Does Any One Care?

Today is World Environmental Day and I want to tell you more about the Fast Fashion Industry. . If you knew how much chemicals were in your clothes you would never wear them. It’s such a trick that media, corporations, and the rich actor & actress will tell you - to look beautiful you need to warp your skin every month, every new season with new chemicals and new poisons. They are literally experimenting on you. . Do you care about 45.8 million workers who are making these chemicals for you, the long working hours, malnutrition, unprotected exposure to toxins and chemicals, and sexual harassments? . Today Fashion is rated as the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, the average American buys 400% more since the 1980s. One T-shirt requires around 713 gallons’ water throughout the supply chain to produce. That’s the same amount of water the average person drinks in 3 years. The average life expectancy of a non-organic cotton farmer is mid-30’s due to chemical exposure on the job. . 25 Billion pounds of clothes are sent to landfills each year in the U.S. alone. These clothes can sit in landfills for 200 years, leaking toxic chemicals and dyes that contaminate local soil and groundwater. Secondhand shops take in millions of pounds of donated clothing every year, but only about 10% of what they receive gets sold in their retail shops. In the end, everything eventually finds its way to a landfill. . Only 1% of old clothes can get recycled because of the mixture of fabrics in clothes. The corporation that sells you clothes in 48 hours can take them up to 1200 years to recycle it. Does anyone care? . Why H&M is still making 8.9 Billion a Year, Why Walmart and Primark still thriving, why is it taking such a long time for humanity to wake up. Why we are not all coming together to stop it?