By oppressing one you oppress all.

Today is March 8th 2017 international women’s day. From a week I was keeping some of my time out and preparing the day event with 50 to 60 people.

I was nervous and excited too. I was nervous because I am taking one new steps in my life. I am trying to not only work with Nepali society but with the people from all around the world. My whole vision for this event was how can I introduce one culture to another and make our world a into one, So Nepali women and the people who are participating can have best experience.

Early in the morning I woke up. Reorganize my entire whole task.

I met everyone at 11:30am.

All of local women were ready they all looked so gorgeous with red traditional Tikka and some cool jewelers and red colorful outfit. They were so well groomed and I could feel there energy of being very excited encouraged and grounded.

People from Japan, Netherlands, Check republic France, Canada, America came together and Nepali Local women welcomed each of us with really beautiful flowers candle and red tikka to introduce the culture of Nepal.

After Welcome everyone we introduce our self to each other. It was one of the best moments for me. To see Local women introducing herself to the people from other side of world it was powerful.

After this introduction we gave each woman few min’s to speak about International women’s day. Some of the women said really powerful word that made me so proud. The word was like this. I am the mother earth and mother earth has so much compassion to just love everyone. Even though culture and society have failed to give the rights that we born for. I still hold compassion for them to change and believe in equality because I know inequality will never bring harmony peace and love that we all are starving for. And today I am still holding the faith that yes women are climbing Mount Everest, women are doctor women are in Govt sector. These women have proved that we are not less than man. And I know I am not less than man. I am human and I am unique and no one can be like me. So today on this special day I hold the message to not give up and invite people to celebrate international women’s day each year and bring awareness.

Some of the women also said our movement is starting and it will continue until we don’t feel we are equal. Some of our male friends were also in the event and they also spread really positive awareness towards how important it is to have equal rights.

After this entire intro it was my turn to actually give full presentation on International Women’s rights I talked about history of international women’s day.

Which was covering these lines .

In 1909 national woman day in US remembering in 1908 women workers strike asking for rights.

In 1911 first international woman day to ask for voting right,followed by over 1 million in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.

In 1913 women celebrating International women day and gathering against war .

In 1917 Russian women stop working and asking for food and peace and finally in 1977 UN proclaim 8th March the day for women rights and international peace.

After all this History I talked about women situation in Nepal. Nepal Rank is 108/155,

33% women in government 18% women have been to school and received higher education 37% girls married before 18 years old in Nepal.46% women admitted had been victims of sexual assault. Around 700 000 people are trafficked across national border every year.80% of them are women and girls.

Around 50 Nepali girls and women are at Indian boarder every day to be sex Traffic.

I also talked about best equality countries for women. I share the information About Europe Africa and North America.

Slovenia One of the best country for gender equality.28% women in government 96% of women go to school and receive secondary education.52% women working.22% women in Corporate boards.

I also talked about Native Americans and gender equality.

Yemen is worst country for women 0.7% women in Government 8% women with secondary education 25% women in work

SOMALIA  one of the critical country for women equality. Simply no data except that 98% of women receive genital mutilation.

And after that I gave the data of women struggle all over the world 700 million women and girls in the world get married before the age of 18.Every year 60 million girls are assaulted on their way to school

75% of the world’s 27 million refugees are women. 1 in 3 women in the world experienced physical or sexual violence in her life. Every 3 seconds in the world a young girl is forced to marry.

Globally women represent 22% of parliaments.

Two thirds of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are female. If all women had a primary education, there would be 15% fewer child death. If all women would have a secondary education, Child death would be cut by half. If all girls had a primary education there would be 14% fewer child marriages.

I looked at audience they all looked very overwhelmed to know the fact that rarely people talk about. I saw everyone having a wide eye open to know the fact that we live in 21 century. Where we have talk about high technology and another planet moon and Saturn. Can we stop thinking too far and look our basic human rights we all are born with purpose to offer something beautiful to the world but we get caught into inequality control and oppression. My message to the world is by oppressing one you oppress all.

After all this I have come to conclusion that women are one of the most oppressed minority on earth and my fight for women rights goes on.

This Blog will continue ..