Become Caring entrepreneurship

I never dreamed about success I worked for it

I never dreamed about success I worked for it


Caring entrepreneurship

Local women’s Handicrafts Caring Entrepreneurs are business women, storytellers, ultimately world-changers who are making a difference not only in their lives but also lives of women all around Nepal
here is how you are making a difference


You have the opportunity to be the entrepreneur of your own flexible and purposeful business by becoming a caring entrepreneur. The home party business model has proven to be successful throughout generations. Whether you want to build a career on your terms or spend more time with your family, work full time or work part time, you can build the business of your dreams! This business would directly change thousands of lives around the world; and it just happens to involve jewelry, scarves, Bags, and beautiful handicrafts products.

B. Caring ENTREPRENEURS earn 25% - 35% commission on their retail sales and generous leadership commissions when they recruit new Caring Entrepreneur under them. There are also travel opportunities for our CEs to meet our artisans in Nepal!

C. Through your Local women business, you will empower women out of poverty by creating sustainable business and a thriving market place for their products. Without you, no one would know of her beautiful jewelry or beautiful handmade purse or scarves. It is all possible once you choose to become Caring Entrepreneurs

 Effortlessly find women to support and encourage them in their business and, if desired, in their personal journeys.