Learning Centre for disadvantaged rural women  

We need your support to build a Learning Centre in Goganpur Village, Saptari District in South Eastern Nepal, to train local women leading to long term ethical employment and sustainable livelihood.  


Your donation will provide building materials, toilet, kitchen and garden for the Learning Centre and a

stipend for women to be trained for the first 6 months in handicraft design and production, literacy,

social and environmental awareness and leaderships skills.

We have developed a Business Plan for more information. 


These women and Childern look up to you

The image can tell 1000 words than any story..


The people of Goganpur are subsistent farmers relying on their rice and lentil crops and farm animals. They do not have access to employment opportunities beyond local stores and selling of rice crops which provide low levels of income. Education standards are low and there are not opportunities for higher education.  As in other areas of Nepal, there is a high amount of gender based violence and low human rights for women. Child marriage is still occurring in this village which can result in negative social and health consequences for the girls, especially if they are widowed.

They are highly vulnerable to disasters, specifically weather related disasters such as drought and flooding. The monsoon season of 2017 demonstrated this bringing destruction of houses and crops by the heavy rains and river flooding. Long term solutions, such as sustainable employment, are needed to build the resilience of the community.

The creation of sustainable business in the Goganpur area through sustainable, traditional and ethical avenues will help to reduce poverty and child marriages in the Goganpur area.