Handmade Yoga mat


Handmade Yoga mat


Product Description
This colorful Fairtrade outdoor Yogi Mat from LWH Nepal is handmade from various recycled materials from Nepal. Color your interior and with this beautiful and happy Outdoor Yogi Mat will give you very soft feelings in your feet, If you are doing Yogi in wood floor, place your Spungee yogi mat and on top Place This Out door Yogi mat on top of it.This cheerful Yogi Mat can travel with you anywhere such as park, Beach, Home, Office any where you feel you need to practice your Yoga.

Fairtrade and Handmade
The LWH Nepal Yogi Mat is made of various recycled materials and features a very colorful and cheerful design. Each Yogi Mat really has a unique color palette. LWH Nepal gathered in Kathmandu and surrounds daily old sari's in which they process into the most beautiful, colorful and sturdy materials.

Cheerful and colorful
This LWH Nepal Yogi Mat has a very happy and colorful look. It is made of recycled materials based on traditional Nepalese techniques. This makes this garment authentic and also very strong and durable. This garment has a unique color scheme and happy fringes. With a size of 183/65cm, this YogiMat is suitable for wherever you want to do Yoga.
The LWH Nepal Cloth has the following dimensions:

• Dimensions outside: 183 x 65 cm

Local Woman Handicrafts Nepal
LWH produces and sells unique handmade artisan products from Kathmandu, Nepal. Our products are made by the most disadvantaged female craftsmen from all over Nepal. All our products are ecologically responsible, durable and we use only natural raw materials or recycled materials from Nepal and India. Because our products are hand-crafted with a lot of craft and tradition, each product is truly unique.

✔ Material: blend of silk, viscose, cotton, polyester and other Sari materials. Please note: our products are ecologically responsible, sustainable and we use only natural raw materials or recycled materials from Nepal and India.
✔ Color: Multi-color. Please note that the colors of handmade products may in reality (light) differ from the colors that your display shows. Handmade, fair and recycled products can not give a color guarantee.
✔ Exterior Dimensions: 183 x 65 cm
✔ Weight: Set: 455 grams
✔Similar to: Carpet, Bathmats, Kitchen Runner, Carpet, Carpet, Carpet, Carpet
✔ Suitable for: Inside Yoga, Outdoor Yoga, Park Yoga, Beach Yoga.
✔ Cleaning: Due to the fact that the products are handmade from ecological and robust materials, we recommend that you wash the products with cold to hand warm water and allow them to dry flat.
✔ Unique: All our products are hand crafted with a lot of love for craft and tradition, which makes each product truly unique. The products may differ slightly from the products on the product images with regard to color, size or pattern.
✔ Fair product: LWH guarantees the conditions as fair and equal income, anti-child labor, good working conditions, equal opportunities for every person, safe and healthy working conditions and fun for 100%.

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