Handmade cashmere scarf

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Handmade cashmere scarf


This luxurious pashmina scarf is beautifully soft to the touch and the perfect accessory for any season or occasion.  

This sustainable and durable product has been hand woven from 100% cashmere on a 100 year old loom.

LWH aim to set a leading example that fashion can be ethical and sustainable. We want to show child labour and sweat shops are not necessary to create unique products that are good for the environment and empower our women.

Your product has been made by a skilled member of Local Women's Handicraft.  The money earned from this product will go directly to the woman who made it so she can support her family and better her community.

If you are looking for specific colors or designs please let us know, we want to sell the best product for you!

Shipping costs depend on your country and total weight of your order. Costs will vary between $4 - $12 per kg. When following the order process, you will be asked to pay for your shipping costs - however these are estimated and we might need to adjust them (up or down) after you have placed your order. You can contact us beforehand if you would like to get the estimate for your country. 

We will choose the courier service that is cheapest, most secure, and convenient for your country.

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