Reusable daily shopping Bag


Reusable daily shopping Bag


✔ Material: blend of silk, viscose, cotton, polyester and other Sari materials. Please note: our products are ecologically responsible, sustainable and we use only natural raw materials or recycled materials from Nepal and India.

✔ Color: Multi-color. Please note that the colors of handmade products may in reality (light) differ from the colors that your display shows. Handmade, fair and recycled products can not give a color guarantee.

• Outside dimensions:

✔ Weight: 50 grams

✔Used as: Grocery shopping, Daily use shopping, Replace plastic with Our Reusable bags.

✔ Cleaning: Due to the fact that the products are handmade from ecological and robust materials, you can simply use normal machine wash.

✔ Unique: All our products are hand crafted with a lot of love for craft and tradition, which makes each product truly unique. The products may differ slightly from the products on the product images with regard to color, size or pattern.

✔ Fair product: LWH guarantees the conditions as fair and equal income, anti-child labor, good working conditions, equal opportunities for every person, safe and healthy working conditions and fun for 100%


“The people of Kathmandu Valley are unknowingly inhaling fumes equivalent to the smoking of 10 cigarettes every day (My Republica on March 16th, 2017).” 

Vehicle emission and smokes from factories cause severe harm to human health in the Kathmandu Valley Plastic bags and packages are among the most common and though most polluting plastic items in our world, we meet them at every corner of our daily life. Even though the government has banned plastic bags in the Kathmandu Valley, the reality looks different and few people actively take action in banning them. By trying to avoid plastic bags, we make bags out of recycled sari pieces and sell them for 100 NPR in our shop at Local Women’s Handicrafts. We want to start sensitizing local people about the negative impacts of plastic bags. That is why we started to sell our sari-fabric bags to local people for 10 NPR instead of 100 NPR, to make them affordable but not for free, so people will appreciate them more. After one year the owners of the bag should demonstrate that they are still using them and they will receive a free pencil case made out of recycled saris for their children.

We are looking for sponsorship to support and expand this project, to raise awareness about the danger of plastic among local Nepali people

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