Sanitary Pads - Kit - DONATION

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Sanitary Pads - Kit - DONATION


Donate one or several Sanitary Pads – Kits to women in need in rural areas in Nepal

What is Chaupadi?

Chaupadi is a tradition associated with the menstrual taboo. Which prohibits women and girls from participating in normal activities while menstruating as they are considered “impure”

The women are banned from the house and are required to live in some cattle shed, or a menstruation hut,

Its is believed that is a menstruating woman touches a tree, it will never again bear fruit, if she consumes milk, the cow will not give any more milk, if she reads a book, the goddess of education will become angry, if she touches a man he will be ill.

The female population of Nepal is more then 15 million, this stigma means 1 in 5 girls will miss school because of their periods.

Local Women’s Handicrafts developed reusable, anti bacterial, Anti Fungal, water proof, a material that can be biodegrade.

 By donating one or several Sanitary Pads – Kits you are…

giving one or several Nepali women the chance to comfortably go through their period.

You are giving work to Local Women’s Handicrafts that lift women who have been marginalized and exploited.

Please donate any amount you can. If you can’t donate, please share.

Each kit consists of:

2x ecofriendly, reusable Sanitary Pads made from high quality, antifungal, antibacterial and waterproof PUL-fabric

6x inlays made from absorbent, double-layered, high quality cotton.     

2x underwear, 100% cotton

1x draw-strap bag made from 100% recycled silk

1x washing soap

We also want to encourage you to purchase reusable pads – kits to distribute them in other countries where women do not have access to necessary hygiene products, e.g. many regions in Africa. To purchase those please order through the normal ‘Sanitary Pads – Kit’ – page as we will have to add shipping costs to your order.

This specific product is only available for distribution in Nepal. We will distribute the kits regularly after having received a reasonable amount of orders. To follow, please check our blog and/or facebookpage 

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