1. Wholesale orders

The majority of our items are available for wholesale only. We will manufacture them once you have placed your order. Please contact us beforehand to inquire about required production time. 

2. Single orders

A small variety of our items are available for single orders. We now offer purses, dream catchers and passport bags on single order. Single orders weighing 2kg and less we send with the registered service of our local post office. This usually takes 2-3 weeks to reach final destination.  

3. Shipping

The shipping costs depend on your country and the total weight of your order. Costs will vary between $4 - $12 per kg. When following the order process, you will be asked to pay for your shipping costs - however these are estimated and we might need to adjust them (up or down) after you have placed your order. You can contact us beforehand if you would like to get the estimate for your country. 

We will choose the Cargo service that is cheapest, most secure and most convenient for your country. 

Once your order is confirmed it will reach you within 6-12 working days

4. Payment Options

If you follow the payment process on the website, you will be able to pay with your credit card. However you also have the option to pay us via PayPal, Western Union or directtransfer to our Nepali bank account. Please contact us if you wish to do so

5. Manufacturing 

If you have wishes regarding color, size, or material, please contact us via email after having placed your order and we will be happy to adjust.